About Us

On the 31st of August 2019, two friends Andrew Traynor and Arran McHugh launched Flowerhorn Brewery with an all day launch party. We are brewing interesting beers using high quality fresh ingredients and combining this with surreal, psychedelic branding so that we can evoke big reactions from our drinkers. The Flowerhorn fish massively stood out to us with their interesting behaviours and completely unusual appearance. We knew the fish would be a great mascot and logo to represent the company. We want to make a big impact in the industry and have a good time doing it.

If you want a story on how we brewed in a garage before we came professional you can have it. Arran’s parents had to watch as we evolved their garage into a pygmy brewery. To this day it is still full of bags of malt, kegs and bottles. We began brewing as regularly as possible and eventually developed three recipes which we were happy with and ready to scale up to the Capo, Loops and Pharmaceutical Stimulant you see today. We don’t have our own commercial brewery at the moment as we are cuckoo brewing our recipes on existing breweries kits. While this continues we are able to continue using our 30L kit to develop our recipes and pilot special beers. We plan to carry on cuckoo brewing and collaborating with other breweries until we are able to get our own purpose built brewery and taproom up and running in Cardiff later this year.